If I Self-Checkout Can I Claim on Taxes that I Worked at CVS?

For those of you who may not know, CVS is one of your typical chain pharmacies. Recently they decided to add a ready-to-eat food section with salads and wraps and the like, much like a 7-11. Being in NYC,  I find this completely unnecessary since there are so many delis and convenience stores all over the place, but whatever, they can do what they like. The other interesting thing they did was add self check-out. There are four in this one. The cash register sits there, all alone, gathering cobwebs,  because there is rarely a human being in a red CVS shirt anywhere near it.

Self check-out is great when the line at the register is long and all you want is maybe a pack of gum or some aspirin. It really is awesome and I do appreciate it. The problem is when self check-out is the only option available.

See, CVS cut their staff – by how many people, I don’t know but I know at least two are gone – because they are simply no longer needed. This is pretty fucked up, especially now when people need jobs more than ever. This was the perfect kind of employment for older folks who just needed something to supplement their income since Social Security, etc., can barely support a stray cat, especially in the five boroughs. It’s also perfect for teenagers and college age kids or for anyone who simply needs an honest job.

The other thing they did was to force us, the consumers, to work for free. My husband loudly mentioned this on the line today, causing a bunch of others on line to exclaim “Ya know what? He’s right!”

Think about it:  YOU find your own items, YOU carry them to the automated register, YOU scan them, YOU place them in their bags, YOU press all of the buttons. YOU do all of the work. You DO NOT get any sort of discount, or extra coupon. If you have a lot of items and it takes 10 minutes, you don’t get $1.20 back, which is roughly what working ten minutes at minimum wage would pay. So let’s say you spend approximately 2 hours a month checking yourself out at CVS, that’s about $174.oo a year.  I do believe that CVS owes many people in my neighborhood at least $174.oo each. They earned it, it’s only fair.

So thank you, CVS, for taking honest jobs away from honest people and slyly conning other honest people into working for you free of charge. I wonder if the two women you fired, or laid off, or “made redundant” as the Brits might say are also still working for you for free. Unemployed people need toiletries too, so I suspect that even though it pisses them off, they have no choice but to shop at the douche bag store that screwed them. I’m sure that other chain stores will follow your lead and we’ll all get scammed into working for free.  Thanks CVS! You’re swell!

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