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The Original South Beach – Staten Island

New York City is composed of a bunch of islands – Manhattan, Long and Staten just to name a few. Once upon a time it was quite fashionable to “summer” at one of the many beach resorts located on these … Continue reading

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Carpe Panis!

Seize the what? Seize the bread it what it’s supposed to mean. Cause, check it out, this here blog is about carp fighting over various types of bread that people throw at them – so, Carpe Panis! Get it? Anyhoo, … Continue reading

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Gentrification Project Update

This draft memo was discovered on the men’s room floor in an eatery near city hall. September 1st, 2011  CONFIDENTIAL DRAFT From:   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To:       To Be Determined Subject: Update on Gentrification and Re-Colonization of New York City This memo is … Continue reading

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